Learn To Speak Spanish

Hello everyone,

I’ve set up this website to help people who want to learn to speak Spanish. Learning Spanish is beneficial as it is good for your brain and good for your social life!

Here on this site, you will find reasons why to learn Spanish and the best ways to learn to speak Spanish. I have also placed some reviews of learning Spanish programs, especially the programs that teach Spanish online.

Why do so many people want to learn Spanish? There are about 350 million people in the world that can speak Spanish. And it is the third most spoken language in the world in terms of number of people that speak it. Also, in the US, the largest group of immigrants are Spanish speaking citizens and it is the most widely taught foreign language there. This makes the Spanish language, a common language around the world. And it is most likely that wherever you are in the world, you will know someone who speaks Spanish. How great would you feel if you could converse to those people in Spanish!


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There are many benefits of learning a language. Firstly, it keeps your brain active. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you forget things and become absent minded? I sure have noticed this happening to me, especially as the years go by and I get older. Well, studies have shown that as you get older, and the less you use your brain to do stimulating activities, the more prone you will be to getting memory loss which could lead to illnesses like dementia and Alzheimers disease. So some people try to reverse the effects of this by doing crosswords, or Sudoku. And for others? Well, they learn languages. And what a better way to keep your brain busy than by learning to speak Spanish. It is practical and useful because you can see the benefits straight away. Just say for example you learn one greeting in Spanish and you bump into your Spanish speaking neighbour. You say the greeting in Spanish to your neighbour and guess what? They understand what you are saying and they get so impressed at your ability! How smart would you feel?

Learning to speak Spanish is interesting, useful and fun. You would not only be learning about the Spanish language  but about its history, and customs and traditions. When you learn the language, even if you only know a few words, you can speak to somebody who speaks Spanish and might be of Spanish origin and this introduction in Spanish would certainly be an icebreaker. You will probably make a good friend out of it as you will share the same fondness for the Spanish language and culture.

Do you want to learn to speak Spanish at your own pace in the comfort of your own home?

I have come across many Spanish language programs and have found that the best course in terms of price, flexibility and content is Rocket Spanish. Rocket Spanish is an affordable online Spanish Language program that you can download onto your computer or favourite media player. After purchasing this self-study course, you can have the flexibility of learning to speak Spanish at your own pace and in any place where you have a media player.

If you are not sure about the language program that I am endorsing, check it out for yourself.