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Hola everybody and welcome to my in depth review of Synergy Spanish. You are probably considering whether to buy Synergy Spanish or not. Maybe you have heard some things about the course and want to know more before you buy the course.

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In this section of my website I will go through exactly what you get when you buy Synergy Spanish.


You probably know this course as the course where you learn 138 Spanish words, and then you will be able to speak in Spanish. That is the basic premise of the course. And I have to say that it is pretty effective and can help you learn basic Spanish at a conversational level.

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So what do you get when you sign up?


Firstly, when you pay for the course which at the time of writing was $67 USD, you will get an email from Marcus Santamaria, who is the man who created this course. You will be led to a link and your own password that will allow you to access the link.


After you type in your password, you will be taken to the text which consists of 222 pages on Microsoft word.


Now you may be feeling it rather daunting to have to study for 222 pages but it really isn’t that intimidating. It is not 222 pages of full on text like a novel but it consists of tips and strategies to learn Spanish as well as the basic 138 words and how you can combine those words to make sentences.


These tips are designed to help you remember the Spanish words. For example, the word for “bread” in Spanish is “Pan”. Marcus tells you to try to think of a vision of making some bread in a pan and then you will remember that “pan” is the Spanish word for bread. This is a handy trick to use when you are trying to learn Spanish vocabulary in a way that will make you remember.


He also writes out how you would pronounce words in Spanish by writing beside the word in English how it would phonetically sound. This definitely helps the reader to learn easily.


After the text section, there are audio files that you can download to listen to in order to cement your learning and to help you improve your accent and pronunciation. There are 25 sets of audio which are around 15 minutes long each. Listen to these audio lessons anywhere and anytime that you want.


A great touch is that Marcus will give all his customers is the ability to contact him at the flick of a switch. That’s right, he will give you his email address and he or one of his assistants will answer you swiftly. This kind of personal attention shows that he cares about your learning and wants to make you learn Spanish.


At the end of the course, he will invite you to buy some other courses at a discount. These extended programs will give you further resources and the opportunity to build more than just the 138 words. You will be able to buy these extended courses and you will pay a fraction of the price, but only if you want to learn more  and further your Spanish knowledge.


I highly recommend that you buy Synergy Spanish. This course is designed mainly for the beginner and it is a highly effective course in making you learn basic Spanish quikly and easily.


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