Learn Spanish Quickly

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You might be going on a holiday soon to a Spanish speaking country, or maybe you are going to have dinner with your partner’s family. Or maybe you are just anxious to learn Spanish quickly. If that is the case, there are many tips and tricks to get you started in Spanish. This page will give you useful tips that can fast-track your Spanish learning.

The most effective way to learn Spanish fast is to immerse yourself in the language. If you are going to a Spanish speaking country, then this of course would force you to learn Spanish. But maybe you cannot go overseas. In that case, you will need to immerse yourself in the Spanish speaking community. Maybe you can look in your local community paper and see if there are any Spanish clubs you can join. If you join these clubs, you will be able to converse in Spanish with your new club members.

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Another way to learn Spanish quickly is to go to your local library and borrow Spanish DVDs or textbooks. Maybe your local library doesn’t seem to have any Spanish DVDs. Not to worry! Just look in the library catalogue and another library in the local area may have some. Then just ask your friendly librarian to transfer those DVDs to your local branch.

If there are definately no Spanish DVDs in your local library, another place where you might have better luck is your local DVD rental store. Most of these stores have a foreign language section and most likely, there will be a vast selection of Spanish DVDs that you can rent for a small fee. Just by watching the DVD, you can pay close attention to the phrases they use and the accent that they use. If you are just starting out in your language learning, you may only be able to pick up a few words but if you listen carefully and read the English subtitles as well, you may be able to guess what they are saying and no doubt, you will learn more vocabulary. Learning by this kind of immersion technique is valuable as the more times you hear a Spanish word or phrase, the more likely your brain will remember those words and phrases.

Another way to learn Spanish quickly is to pick up a Spanish music CD. You might be able to find these CDs in the local library or if not, many major bookstores stock foreign language CDs. You can look for a Spanish CD and sing along to the songs. This will enhance your learning experience as it will make if fun for you to learn Spanish and by singing phrases, you are learning the language and you will find that it stays in your brain longer. If you cannot find these Spanish music CDs in your bookstore, try searching for them online. I know that I have learnt so much, not only in Spanish, but other languages too,  just by singing karaoke. Usually if you sing a song enough times in another language, you can learn so much. You could be singing the song that you have learnt while doing laundry for example and you will have learnt the phrases which will stay in your brain!

In many countries, there is a free TV channel that broadcasts news or movies in foreign languages. Go and find the TV program for these and make note of when the Spanish news is on or when the next Spanish movie is on TV. By watching these broadcasts and using the English subtitles, you will be able to pick up a lot of Spanish words and phrases. And you will have fun watching these Spanish shows. These programs are not only on the TV but also on the radio as well. You will not have the luxury of the subtitles though but you can still learn a lot from listening to the radio. Learning Spanish in this way is interactive and fun. You will definately learn a lot!

These are just some ways that you can get started on learning Spanish and some of the above tips can get you started in your Spanish learning for free. Take my advice and you will learn so much. You might not be able to be 100% fluent in Spanish but you will surely learn a lot. And if you want to supplement your learning and get to be really fluent, I suggest downloading a reputable Spanish course such as Rocket Spanish.

Let me just also point out that I am making money by recommending these Spanish language products. However, having said that, I wouldn’t be recommending them it I didn’t think that these courses were great. So I encourage you to try these products. For a reasonable price you can start on your Spanish learning today!