Marcus Santamaria Review

Marcus Santamaria created this online Spanish course!

Marcus Santamaria is the revolutionary creator of Synergy Spanish. He has years experience in teaching languages. And he has combined his love of the Spanish language with teaching it to people.

He has created this groundbreaking program based on a simple formula that he insists helps anybody and everybody to speak Spanish quickly and easily. His formula is to make the student learn 138 Spanish words. Then with this handful of words, phrases can be built to form sentences and literally thousands of phrases can be learnt by the student based on the initial 138 words.

Imagine being able to speak Spanish and make sense just by learning 138 Spanish words! By using this course, you will be able to speak Spanish in no time! And actually, Marcus says that the time frame is 25 days! Just by using this Synergy Spanish course, you can fast-track your learning!

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You see, Marcus observed that people often grew frustrated with the traditional way of learning which was by teaching grammar. He learnt that most people could not form sentences together in the Spanish language as they were too preoccupied with getting the grammatical structure right. The result was that when these students spoke, they were not speaking in a way which would allow them to come out with the spanish sentence in a flowing way.

These old methods of teaching Spanish devoted too much time on getting the grammar correct and ignored the fact that the simple method of listening to phrases could allow the language to seep into the student’s mind so that the words simply flow out naturally.

Marcus developed this course as he wants you to learn and speak Spanish in such a way as to make it fun for you so that it doesn’t feel like you are studying. This modern method of teaching will get you started immediately and is available for download. You don’t have to be the brightest student to be able to learn Spanish by using this course. Anyone can have the ability to learn 138 words. For some of you it might take several weeks or maybe even months but the average person will only take 25 days.

Marcus is even available to be contacted through his email address in the event that you need to query something. However, he mentions that most of his students have no need to contact him as all the questions are answered in the downloadable course.

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