Tips and Strategies for learning Spanish

Learning a language is always going to be challenging. Challenging but fun. Everytime you learn a new word or phrase, you can practice it with other friends that speak Spanish. You will feel so good about it if you can say a phrase or two to your  friends. Here you will discover some small tips and strategies for learning Spanish. Our top recommended online Spanish course

The best way to learn a language is to practice. Keep speaking and perfecting your language and you will soon find that it is definately worth the effort.

There are also small things you can do to help you learn Spanish quickly. For example, you can tape yourself speaking in Spanish and then listen to yourself over again. This will let you listen to how you are pronouncing your Spanish words and if improvements are to be made, you can make them by adjusting your accent.

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Over time, you can record yourself saying the same things as in the original tape and by comparing it to later tapes, you will be able to hear how your accent has changed over time. This is an excellent way to help improve your Spanish accent.

Another small trick that I like to use is to use flashcards. Basically I cut up small rectangular or square bits of cardboard and write the Spanish word on one side and the corresponding English word on the other side of the card. You can draw a picture of the word as the brain tends to remember visuals such as pictures. Or if you are not good at drawing, cut out pictures of the words from a magazine and stick them onto the card. When I first use the cards, I look at all the Spanish cards one by one and say the English equivalent out loud and turn the card over to check that I am right. Then, after I have mastered that, I would turn the cards over, look at the English words first and then say the Spanish equivalent. This method will definately help you learn your Spanish vocabulary. Learning this way is fun and much more interesting than just memorizing Spanish from a list of vocabulary in a text book.

Another small tip that I use is to use post-it-notes or small stickers and stick them on various objects around the house. For example, you could stick a note on the door and write the spanish word for door (la puerta) on the paper. Then everytime you use the door, you will need to pronounce the word for door in Spanish. Do this everytime you use the object and this repetition method will have you learning Spanish vocabulary in no time at all! Remember that practice makes perfect!

You can also visit the library or local major bookstore and find easy Spanish books. I find that if you borrow or buy children books in Spanish, this will speed your learning. As you get better in Spanish you could advance onto magazines and fiction books written in Spanish. This is fun to do and greatly allows you to learn more Spanish.

It is often found that you learn a language more easily if you listen to the language and speak the language rather than by just reading or writing. So therefore, next time you are reading some Spanish material, read it out loud and this will advance your learning. This technique is much better than just reading in your head.

Let me just also point out that I am making money by recommending these Spanish language products. However, having said that, I wouldn’t be recommending them it I didn’t think that these courses were great. So I encourage you to try these products. For a reasonable price you can start on your Spanish learning today!

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